Land in Liège


Airport City

12 hectares of land directly available for your projects 

Fully equipped and strategically located at Liege Airport, Belgium

Airport City is the next office park in the Liege Area ! Offering a wide area directly available for investments, this is a unique opportunity to develop your projects next to Liege Airport. The dynamism and visibility of the airport is a competitive advantage that every project should include in its strategy.

Airport City offers partners to develop projects linked to offices and passenger’s activity such as hotels, business park services, proximity retail store, etc. Perfectly situated at the crossroad of four uncongested highways connecting Brussels, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Namur, Airport City is the key success location for your project.

Land in Liege is looking for investors, co-investors, property managers to develop the area. With 3.500 m² minimum per plot, a corporate and services village will grow in the following months. By 2020, 10 hectares will be added to the current availability.

Flexport City

28 hectares of land dedicated to air cargo and logistics

Located at Liege Airport, Flexport City is a new state-of-the-art logistics park available as from 2016.

Home of Europe’s 3rd biggest inland Port and 8th biggest Cargo Airport and showing significant growth and investment year by year, Liege is the multimodal distribution platform of the future.

For the last 17 years Liege Airport has an average annual volume growth of 8%. Besides being an excellent location for key airfreight industries such as parcels & express, pharmaceuticals and fresh products, it also proves to be an excellent location for DC’s and EDC’s.

Liege positions itself as the location of excellence for cross-European distribution of time sensitive products.

AdresseLiege Airport Rue Saint Exupery & Rue Dierain Patar à Grâce-Hollogne
Superficie totale
DéveloppeurBenjamin Masset & Bert Selis
Ingénieur structurel
Ingénieur MEP
Entreprise de constructionSOWAER (Société Wallonne des Aéroports)
Date d'inauguration